Our Taslas are made from premium quality CR and GI/GP sheets. Sizes available from 12 inches to 20 inches, with flat and round edge-lining. These are extensively used in farming, mining, construction, household purposes and other industrial usages. We also offer taslas made from best quality Cold Rolled and GI/GP sheets esp. for the mining industry. Featuring a flat base and tough built to last long. The taslas are available with rivets and handle bars provided separately as well as pre-fitted. Our taslas have high load bearing capacity and are extremely durable.


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  • Commitment to Quality
  • Capacity and Capability
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Each size has a variant with handles as well; and while the standard sizes are always available in stock, we also make custom size products based on customers' needs with thickness range of 0.4mm to 0.7mm

Extra Small 12"

  • 0.5mm 500 g
  • 0.6mm 600 g

Small 14"

  • 0.5mm 650 g
  • 0.6mm 850 g

Medium 16"

  • 0.5mm 800 g
  • 0.6mm 1000 g

Large 18"

  • 0.5mm 1000 g
  • 0.6mm 1300 g

Extra Large 20"

  • 0.5mm 1250 g
  • 0.6mm 1540 g